Thermaltake CLP-0589 Flexi CPU Cooler

Thermaltake CLP-0589 Flexi LGA1156/5/1, LGA1366, AMD AM3/AM3+ CPU Cooler
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
  • Extreme Silent Fan - Unique Fan Blade Hydro Dynamic Bearing (H.D.B)
  • Copper + Base Architecture + 6 Heatpipes - Mirror Copper Base deliver 100% touch between CPU and Cooler. Meanwhile, 6 Cooper Heatpipes create best heat transferring.
  • Individual Large Sawtooth Fin Design - By design sawtooth onto the fins. With these sawtooth indentation, the cold air intake become smoother. The maximum cooling performance and noise is controlled thus can be optimized through sawtooth fins.
  • Supports - Multi-socket Mounting System