TechnoDel Gift Cards

Send Gift Cards To your friends By mail or Delivery. (5$ to 2000$)
The price must be from $5.00 to $2,000.00

Introducing our stress-free, eGift Card,  perfect for birthday or any special occasions. Guaranteed to please, our gift cards are a quick & easy gift to order online.

-To email eGift Card please fill out recipient details to be emailed directly.

-Coupons can be redeemed Online or In store.

-eGift Card can be emailed anywhere in the world, each card has a unique code that can be used online to purchase from our Store.The Gift coupon can be also delivered by hand to your doorstep.

-Once you Complete your order , you will receive your discount coupon for your next purchase by mail.

-Gift card will be activated and coupon code will be delivered to receipient after payment.You can pay the amount of the card in one of branches or contact us to manage the collection. (1$ delivery charge)

-Discount coupons are calculated based on the formulas below:

GIFT CARD AMOUNT                                     DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE

5$-50$                                                                        3%

51$-200$                                                                     5%

201$-500$                                                                   7%     

501$-1000$                                                                 8%

1001$-2000$                                                                10%

(Some restrications and exceptions apply)