Power supply Tester

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power supply tester is a robust voltage tester for PC power supplies. It can be used to test power supply units that are compliant with ATX, BTX and ITX. The device displays all supply voltages to one decimal place on a screen. Errors are acknowledged by an audible alarm. The Power Tester is ideal for ambitious hobby users and for quick inspections by trade specialists.

Technical data
• Voltage source: 20/24-pin (ATX plug)
• Voltage test:
•• +12 V, -12 V, +5 V, +3, -3 V
•• 5 V stand by (SB)
•• 12 V Power Good (PG)
• Connectors: floppy, HDD, CD-ROM, SATA, 4-pin (P4), 8-pin (dual CPU), 6-pin (PCI Express)

Note: do not connect the power supply unit to the computer during the test.

Package contents
• Power supply unit tester
• User manual