Portable Mini LED Projector

Portable Mini LED Projector 320x240 with Speaker USB SD Card Slot PC A/V Input
Old price: $100.00

Watch comfortably at anywhere your movies and photos in big size.
This mini projector provides a bright image for display on a wall.
Speaker, USB port and SD memory card slot integrated.

Very easy to use and very light, you can take itanywhere with you.
Plays video files directly from USB and SD memory card.
Connect a DVD player or other video device using the AV input.

Lamp: Super bright LED.
Lumens: 32L.
Projection distance: 1-4 meters.
Projection angle: 60 degree.
Focus: Adjustable.
Resolution: 320x240.
Integrated fan cooler: Yes.
Projection type: LED.
Stereo Speaker: Built-in.
Mini-jack audio output integrated: Yes.
Inputs: AV / USB / SD card slot.
Image second: 60fps.
Tripod mount: Yes.
Power supply: 110-240V.
Dimensions: 127x120x58mm (5x4.75x2.3 inches).